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Chatbots: Everything you need to know about them

You must be wondering what this buzz on chatbot is all about? We hear such fancy words from tech savvies each day and wonder what they actually mean. So, put your reading glasses on, you are going to find out everything you need to know about them.

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is a computer program capable of stimulating a conversation with a person and hence are present in messaging applications. It provides you with a wide range of services such as: notify you about an offer, help you book tickets, provide customer support, etc. Unlike humans, it can handle a lot of conversations at the same time and always answers instantly.

How do Chatbots Work?

Chatbots are of two types: Rule-based bots and Al bots.

Rule-Based bots: In this approach, the bot is trained to answer questions based on guidelines. The guidelines can be defined from very simple to complex.

Al: To make a chatbot do more than simply answer a question it has to be connected to an Artificial Intelligence (Al). In this technology, the bot learns from the interactions it has with the end users.

What can actually chatbots do?

Its functionality will be determined depending on the purpose with which the chatbot was created. However, some of the most common uses of chatbots are mentioned below:

  1. Businesses and Agencies: Whether to answer simple questions, help users book services, get more information about a particular topic, or buy a product, chatbots are used for all the above-mentioned purposes. It allows human agents to focus on more relevant problems leaving a chatbot to expedite this type of tasks.
  2. Banking: Using chatbots, customers can track their finances and connecting bots to bank accounts let their bot see and read only their transactions. Providing all sorts of analytics, it can transfer money, tell your credit card bills and how much you spent on coffee this month.
  3. Ask information on the Internet: Yes Yes Yes! The Ok Google we use to fetch information from the internet is a chatbox that uses both text and voice inputs and outputs.
  4. Health Care: It eases the burden on medical professionals by answering health-related questions, facilitating faster medical diagnosis, booking appointments and lots more. It can even track menstrual cycles, dates and fertile windows. Amazing isn’t it?

Bottom Line:

So there you go! All questions answered. Chatbots may soon spell the end of mobile apps altogether. It has still some way to go before replacing websites. The platform is still in the building stage an eventually will get better in future.

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