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Chhat per Chhatpat: Seeing from the eyes of a child, Sakshi Singh comes out with her new bilingual book for kids

It is during crisis that we often seek opportunity, open up and create something new, and discovers new doors to the world within and outside.

“After the success of Jalebi Jingles and Rat-a-tat, poet, children’s author and creative writing facilitator Sakshi Singh has come out with her second bilingual book for kids ‘Chhat per Chhatpat’ (To the top)! Available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback, the book is about the playful and innocent world of children, as they navigate a changing world.

At a time when kids are spending more and more time indoors, and no longer have access to parks, beaches and other open spaces during the lockdowns, Chhat per Chhatpat’ is about a child who discovers a little slice of the outdoors –  on the terrace of his building. The child finds joy in the quirky objects that he finds on the terrace and lets his imagination fly.

Illustrated by local artists Sushil Jangam and Haresh Girkar, the book makes use of photos clicked by the author during the lockdown.

“Ever since the lockdown, I have been discovering newer ways to spend time outdoors and seems like the terrace or the roof top seems to be the only option at the moment given that most public places are closed or have restrictions and public transport is non existent or limited. It has propelled me to spend more time observing my own terrace, the sky, the little things I saw there through the eyes of a child.”

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