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Child obesity. Why is it dangerous?

child obesity

The saying “You are what you eat” is one that many of us know; yet we choose to ignore. Why is it that many of us know what we eat is bad for us? Yet we consume it on a regular basis, sometimes three, four or more times a week. Child obesity is spreading recently rapidly. To eliminate this health problem one need to take proper diet and should consult an expert to make their child obese free.

Processed and fast foods are everywhere, and they come with a low price tag and a high level of convenience. No one has time to cook these days, yet we somehow have time to consume this food in front of the television once its been heated in the microwave, or prepared by our youth in some tiny fast food kitchen. Admittedly this is a generalisation, and no doubt many FitKids readers are reverting back to good old home cooked meals, but the increase of Child Obesity would prove this is a factor that weighs heavily upon the future of our children’s lifestyles.

It is vital to know more about healthy food and prepare nutritional food at home for your kids. Dietitian Sheela Seharawatsays these processed foods contain high level of chemicals and cholesterol, which is harmful for your children’s health. However, by adopting a personalized diet plan children could free from obesity and lead healthy life. Other than the above, and other issues we face which is time for preparation of these foods, one of the most common statements I hear as a personal dietician is that “Healthy food costs too much”. There is no doubt that the general cost of living is on the rise, unfortunately this is one of the factors we can’t change, but if we take the time to look at the amount of wastage we dispose of throughout the year the cost of buying healthier foods would not be so overwhelming.

Essential intake of proteins and proper diet should be taken and the best day to take action is today.

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