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China calls Doklam its own; Bhutan and India protest

In yet another instance of misuse of its military might, China has laid claim to the Doklam area in the Sikkim sector. However, this claim has been rubbished by both Bhutan and India. India is not happy with the developments in Doklam since China is trying to build a road in the area. As per Indian security experts, this road will pose a serious security risk for the country. It may be recalled that Doklam is situated quite near to the tri-junction between India, China and Bhutan. Both Bhutan and China claim it to be their territory. Even in the current issue, the Bhutan government has objected to the building of the road in Doklam.

Bhutan does not have any diplomatic ties with China, but it has good relations with India. According to Bhutan government, the road construction by China is illegal. However, China continues to lay claim over Doklam. Chinese authorities said that the area was under Chinese administration since Emperor Qings dynasty, the last imperial dynasty of China established in 1636. “From historical evidence we can see that Doklam has been a traditional pasture for the Tibetan residents and we have exercised good administration over the area,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said.

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