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China heaps praises on Modi, GST amid Sikkim standoff

Chinese state-run media is often critical of India, but in one of the rare instances, it has praised Modi and GST. This comes as a surprise since India and China are currently having one of their longest standoffs in the Sikkim region. The Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times said that India’s launch of GST has made the country an attractive destination for international investors. The article further says that India and other countries will have to take up the manufacturing challenge, as low-cost manufacturing is no longer the primary focus of China. It may be recalled that earlier the same newspaper had criticized India and talked about teaching bitter lessons. It had also said that India should remember its defeat in 1962 war.

The newspaper praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying, “Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Make in India’ initiative in September, 2014, the Indian government has been making aggressive efforts in unifying the country as a whole, with the aim of building it into an attractive manufacturing destination for global businesses.” On GST, the newspaper said that it would help create a common national market and enable India to improve its manufacturing competitiveness.

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