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China launches its first indigenous aircraft carrier

China has launched its first indigenously built aircraft, which military experts say will give the country greater control over the international waters as well as boost defenses across its coastline. The domestically built aircraft carrier has been launched at a time when there’s increasing tension in the region, as North Korea continues to be in conflict with the United States and its allies in Asia. It may be recalled that earlier there was plenty of speculation regarding China’s first home built aircraft carrier based on satellite images and photographs. Now, China has officially launched its first home-built aircraft carrier.

The launch ceremony of the aircraft carrier was hosted by Fan Changlong, a vice chairman of China’s powerful Central Military Commission. As part of the ceremony, a bottle of champagne was broken on the bow. The deck of the aircraft carrier was lined with red flags and tug boats were used to push it to its berthing place. Details about the aircraft carrier are not available since it is a state secret. However, military experts said that China’s aircraft carrier will operate Shenyang J-15 fighter jets, which is also manufactured indigenously. They also said that the Chinese aircraft carrier does not have the powerful catapult technology for launching aircraft, which is standard equipment on US aircraft carriers.

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