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China rejects India’s NSG bid, yet again

In yet another display of strong arm tactics, China has refused to support India’s bid to get permanent membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). It may be recalled that China has been consistently denying India the opportunity to become a permanent member of the NSG. India is trying hard to get the membership since it will allow free access to nuclear fuel and supplies and the most advanced nuclear technology. The NSG meeting is being conducted in Switzerland’s capital Bern. India was hopeful this time, as it has been trying to improve relations with China in recent times. However, China continues to be arrogant by using its Veto power to block India’s access to NSG.

Speaking about China’s stand on the issue, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said, “As for non-NPT countries being admitted to the group, I can tell you there is no change to China’s position.” “I want to point out that the NSG has clear rules on admission of new members and the Seoul plenary made clear mandates on how to deal with this issue. With these rules and mandates, we need to act as they dictate.” China is resisting India’s moves even when India has the backing of United States and several other top countries in the world.

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