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China Stopped Manipulating Currency After I Became President: Donald Trump

In an unprecedented claim by US President Donald Trump, he insisted that China’s currency manipulation stopped after he was elected as the President of the US.  

Trump has always blamed China as a currency manipulator since his election days and vowed to stabilise the situation if he comes to power. 

President Trump claimed that China has been manipulating its currency for a long time but as soon as he was elected that currency manipulation stopped.

Trump was talking in talk show ‘Face The Nation’ at CBS and clearly blamed China for currency manipulation while boasting about his role in stopping it. He refused to give details about his role. 

He insisted that since January 2017, the manipulation in currency by China has stopped. 

US politicians and economists have blamed China for suppressing the yuan to make its exports more competitive with American goods.

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During his election campaign, Donald Trump promised to label China a currency manipulator nation on his first day in white house.

Trump’s comments are significant as he hosted China’s President Xi Jinping in Florida just a few weeks ago. 

Claiming North Korea more important than trade, Trump said that the issue in Korean peninsula has taken taken precedence over all other issues with China.

Trump said that China can have a major role in controlling the situation with North Korea and wishes that he would use trade as one of the methods to get China in helping the US. 

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