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China targets India for constructing road in Ladakh border region

China targeted India today and alleged that India was building a new road in the Ladakh region. To make its intent easier to understand, China also praised Pakistan for being its key partner in various development projects. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that India should not try to destabilize peace in the region. Hua was responding to reports that indicated that India was in the process of constructing a road connecting Marsimik La to Hot Spring. The location of the new road is quite near to Pangong Lake in Ladakh. Just a few days back, Indian and Chinese troops had clashed at the roads bordering the lake. Indian Army had said that Chinese troops had entered Indian territory, due to which, they had to confront the Chinese soldiers.

Hua said that India’s decision to construct a road in Ladakh region could lead to more conflict in the region. Already, the two countries are in their worst standoff at Doklam due to the border issue. “Now, the current road construction in that area by the Indian side is not conducive to peace and stability in that area. It will not help with settlement of the current situation,” Ms. Hua said. Hua also accused India of following contradictory policies. She said that on the one hand, India has stopped road construction being done by China at Doklam and now it is constructing its own road in Ladakh near the border.

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