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China to launch world’s fastest armored vehicle; runs on both land and water

China has been making consistent progress in its military capabilities, and in yet another major milestone, it will soon be launching an armored fighting vehicle (AFV), which will be the fastest in the world and it will have the capability to travel both on land and water. This new vehicle will give a significant boost to China’s military capabilities, as it will act as a force multiplier. The vehicle is currently being developed by the North China Institute of Vehicle Research.

When ready, the vehicle will be able to travel at speeds of 50 km per hour in calm waters, which is much faster than other amphibious vehicles used by armies of other nations. For example, the Iveco/BAE SuperAV, an amphibious AFV being designed by the US Marine Corps, is slated to have speeds of just 9 km per hour.

The Chinese amphibious AFV has the ability to fully retract its wheels, which reduces drag and increases speed. The speed is also increased due to the V-shaped structure of its hull. This works by reducing water drag. The compact pump jets used in the AFV also help increase speed of the vehicle.

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