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China welcomes “Not a single bullet fired” comment by PM Modi

During his visit to Russia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that not a single bullet has been fired at India-China border in the past 40 years. “It is true that we have a border dispute with China. But in the last 40 years, not a single bullet has been fired because of border dispute,” PM Modi said. PM Modi was referring to the maturity that the two countries have, even when the border dispute continues to be a bottleneck in bilateral relations. Political pundits said that China has become too big to be ignored now and it would be in the interest of the country to have friendly relations with its neighbor, especially at a time when the political weather in the United States has become a lot more unpredictable. The combined strength of India, Russia, and China could itself be a force to reckon with and cooperation among these countries could see them playing a leading role in world affairs.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has welcomed the comment made by PM Modi, and said that it would help improve relations between the two countries. Speaking about the comment made by PM Modi, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said, “We have noted positive remarks made by Prime Minister Modi. We welcome that.” 

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