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ChinaJoy 2017 QuadraClicks Gaming joins DareU

LOS ANGELES, CA – 07/23/2017— The original ball mouse design from Xerox 20 years ago was made for workers who were on the job, while they were standing up. Since then, multiple attempts have been made to recreate this PC peripheral in the dire hope of ergonomics and comfort because in most offices, workers work sitting down. 

The mouse and its improvements excelled and continue to do so for those that need to use the mouse while standing up,  but the same basic  left and right clicks are intended from certain fixed body positions.  However, they continue on failing to adapt for those operating the computer while sitting down. 

Therefore, in order for to click comfortably without misclicks and still being able to move comfortably, while sitting down, the execution positions and basic design of this PC Peripheral had to be changed.

This is why QuadraClicks Gaming have redesigned the mouse with raised buttons for resting & clicks, to compensate for those need to be sitting down while using the computer.  The RBT mouse series makes clicking natural and comfortable, maximizing performance.  Imagine clicking with the length / base areas of your fingers as opposed to using the finger tips. Imagine fingers being elevated and resting effortlessly.  QuadraClicks have turned gravity into an ally rather than a foe. 

RBT has been created to reverse improper usages of point & click caused by the conventional mouse. With raised buttons to keep your fingers comfortably relaxed at all times; when clicking – using the length of your finger improves performance with more precision and speed. This isn’t a gimmick as the founders of RBT exhibited during CES2017, GDC 2017, E3 2017 and has piqued interests from gaming companies and attracted many competitive gamers from home and abroad.

Join us next weekend at ChinaJoy 2017, Shanghai, our teams VG (Vici Gaming) and IM (IMAY) from LPL will be at the stage.

RBT Rebel will be represented by our China distribution partner “DareU” during ChinaJoy2017. 

Uncomfortable clicking in the past two decades have lead to more cases of RSI hand and write injuries, and this problem escales with the rising popularity of PC Games and eSports.

The gaming mouse peripheral is a huge deal, especially in its recent years, riding along the rising popularity of Esports and their superstars’ fan-base. To name a few well known successes: Peter “ppd” Dager, saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora, Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendal, the names go on and on. These top players started their careers as early as they were teenagers, and usually only lasted into early twenties. The team at QuadrClicks Gaming believes passionate gamers shouldn’t be forced to retire so early due to their reactions slowing down contributed by RSI pains. Therefore, we have created a new computing point & click device called RBT, short for Right ‘Bove Touch. RBT has an innovative solution that can help professional gamers game longer by offering faster reaction time while increasing comfort.

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