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Chinese army enters Sikkim sector; destroys Indian Army bunkers

Newspatrolling: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making new deals for the country in the United States, it appears that China is not at all happy with the development. In an unprecedented act of aggression, Chinese troops entered the Sikkim sector and jostled with Indian soldiers stationed in the area. Reports indicate that the Chinese army has destroyed two bunkers made by Indian army. The conflict is ongoing and it had started around a week back. Earlier, China had stopped pilgrims from visiting Kailash Mansarover, citing the reason that roads have been damaged due to floods and landslides. However, experts said that China may just be trying to arm-twist India.

The Indian Army had a tough time to deal with the Chinese troops. They had to form a human wall to stop the advance of Chinese troops. The bunkers destroyed by the Chinese Army were located in the Lalten area of the Doka La. The incursion into Indian space clearly shows the ambitious nature of Chinese foreign policy. It shows that China has little regard for international laws and justice. China solely believes in power and it does not stop from infringing on the rights of its neighbors.

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