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Chinese army warns India; reminds of 1962 defeat

In another development that has further strained relations between India and China, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has warned India to stop clamoring for war. The PLA even went to the extent of reminding India about the 1962 war, which it claims to be a defeat for India. China’s reaction came in the wake of the recent stand-off between the two countries over the issue of certain areas in Sikkim. China has alleged that Indian troops have entered its area, and has asked India to withdraw all troops before peace discussions can be initiated. However, this charge has been denied by India.

The trigger for Chinese warning was Indian Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat’s statement, wherein he had said that the Indian Army was ready to fight China and Pakistan at the same time. Rawat had also said that the Indian Army can also take on internal security issues if needed. Reacting to Rawat’s statement, People’s Liberation Army (PLA) spokesperson Wu Qian said, “Such rhetoric is extremely irresponsible. We hope particular person in the Indian Army could learn from historical lessons and stop such clamoring for war.”

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