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Chinese experts warn China against war with India

Newspatrolling: Amid the growing tension between India and China over the Doklam issue, Chinese experts have warned China that war with India could be disastrous for China. The experts said that China could potentially lose its strategic goal of establishing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) if it started a war with India. This is the first time that Chinese experts have warned their own country about the pitfalls of going to war with India. One of the experts, Antony Wong said that China’s confrontational attitude could alienate India and make it a permanent enemy. Wong said that China can defeat India on land, but it will not be able to break India’s maritime containment in the Indian Ocean.

Wong pointed out that China depends on the Indian Ocean route to bring in 80% of its oil imports, and this route could be compromised in case of a war with India. Wong said that India is located at the heart of China’s energy lifeline as well as the Belt and Road Initiative. A war with India would mean that the country will join forces with the rival camp that is looking to contain China by blocking the Malacca Strait and the Indian Ocean. Another Chinese expert, Sun Shihai, also expressed similar concerns and said, “If not properly handled, the border row could have a long-term impact on China’s efforts to expand its diplomatic and economic influence beyond the Asia-Pacific region with its “Belt and Road Initiative.” 

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