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Choosing The Right Neckpiece For Your Bridal Blouse

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As the D-Day approaches, you may have chosen the best available bridal ensemble for your wedding and lots of jewellery items to go with it. But, have you checked if the jewellery complements your bridal outfit or is it just a random pick? In case of the latter, you can end up making a sartorial faux pas and that too on one of the most important days of your life. Choosing the right jewellery for your bridal outfit involves severalfactors, one of which is the type of blouse you will be wearing with your bridal sari or lehenga. The type of blouse you will be wearing willdetermine the choice of the neckpiece. To help you sport the best looks on your wedding day, here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right neckpiece for your bridal blouse.

High neck blouse: There can be two options if you are wearing high neck blouse. In case you are using embellishments around the neckline, you need to wear a long neckpiece. This will ensure that there’s no clash between the neckpiece and the embellishments. If there are no embellishments, choose a round neckpiece that snugly fits your neck.

Square neck blouse: Choose neckpieces that come in geometrical shapes such as a triangular neckpiece. Asymmetrical neckpieces can also be used with square neck blouse.

V-neck blouse: Choose a neckpiece that comes with a statement pendant and emphasizes on your neckline.

Plunging V-neck blouse: Layered neckpieces will be most appropriate for plunging V-neck blouse. The neckline and neckpiece should be separate and should not look entangled.

Scoop neck blouse: Shorter pendant neckpieces would be most appropriate for scoop neck blouse. The neckpiece should be voluminous so that it covers the open neck in an aesthetic manner.

Off-shoulder neck blouse: Statement choker neckpieces would be most appropriate for off-shoulder neck blouse, as it places emphasis on the neck.

Halter neck blouse: Use a long chain,preferably one that has a statement slim pendant.

Asymmetric neck blouse: For one-shoulder blouse, choose a delicate neckpiece that can add to your glam look.

You can play around a bit with the above combinations of jewellery in terms of color choices, materials used, etc. Adding a bit of creativity is always helpful, especially when you want to integrate popular fashion trends to suit your specific personality and skin tone. With the right choice of neckpiece for your bridal blouse, you can create picture-perfect memories from your wedding day.

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