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Class 10 Science Exam – Most Important Topics

Class 10 is the base of your future. The marks you will obtain in your class 10 will stays with you for life long. Every college, every organization as well as each company asks for your class 10 marks. Whether you will go for your higher studies or start your job with any company, your class 10 percentile is asked as proof that you have passed your class 10 with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). 

With this much importance, you need to score good grades in your class 10. Science can be the scoring subject if you understand the strategy and importance of learning and understanding this subject. Science is the most amusing subject if you know the literal meaning and reason why your teachers teach you this subject. Once you start understanding why you are learning about all these things surround you, there will be no going back. You will eventually develop an interest in learning new concepts and how things work around you. 

You need to manage all your chapters in your Class 10 Science NCERT Textbook. It will help you to analyze each chapter properly. Analyzing each chapter and listing out the vital concepts can do wonders. You have to put some extra effort into these essential topics is very crucial. If you want to score good marks in your Class 10th science exam, you have to manage your time and analyze each chapter thoroughly. 

You should know the exam pattern and course subject very well before starting your preparation for your Class 10th Science exam. The book that is referred to students for class 10th science is the NCERT. This book has chapters according to the CBSE guidelines. Each chapter has separate questions at the back of each chapter in the form of a back exercise. You can practice enough questions for each chapter from there. 

Next comes the marking scheme and blueprint of the science exam for class 10th. This exam pattern is according to the CBSE. It helps students understand it and prepare themselves accordingly. The exam pattern for class 10th science is as follows: –

  • Section A– This section carries Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that are the Very Short Answer Type Questions. These questions are around 20 in number. Each question carries one mark.
  • Section B– This section includes Short Answer Type Questions (I) that are usually 6 in number. Each question carries two marks. 
  • Section C– This section also includes Short Answer Type Questions (II) that are around 7 in number. Each question carries three marks. 
  • Section D– This section contains Long Answer Type Questions. They are usually 3 in number, and each question carries five marks. 

According to this marking scheme, you can manage your time in practicing more and more long answer-type questions so you can solve high marker questions with much ease and comfort. Practicing enough questions from guides and the NCERT textbook will help you in speeding up. This speed will help you to finish your exam before the time, so you have enough time to revise each response and edit them as per the need. 

No doubt a subject like science needs your 100% dedication, focus, and hard work. But the hard work done in the right direction pays you better. If you invest your hard work and focus on 1 marker question, you may not score good marks. But when you put your same efforts and focus into five marker questions, you will be on the profitable side. It is not like that the one-marker questions are not essential. It is not like they do not want your attention. But working smart and practicing enough questions for five markers will benefit your more. You should focus on each type of question but practice more questions that will carry high marks. 

After understanding the marking scheme and strategy for practicing the questions, you need to know the most important topics you should read thoroughly. Some chapters are essential and hold a high weightage in the exam. You should read and understand these chapters in-depth to have proper and deep knowledge about the topic. You may witness twisted questions in your exams and need a deep understanding of the concept to solve them. These topics are as follows-

Most important topics for Class 10 Science are: –

  1. Life processes 

This chapter carries approximately 8-9 marks. The important topics are

  • Photosynthesis (autotrophic nutrition) covers three marks
  • The nutrition in the amoeba covers three marks
  • The nutrition in humans generally covers one marks

     2. Carbon and its compounds 

This chapter carries 6-8 marks. The important topics are- reactions as well as the properties of ethanol and ethanoic acid

     3. Acids bases and salts 

This chapter carries again 5-7 marks. The important topics are

  • Preparation reaction name
  • Formulae of different salts or compounds 
  • The general reactions of acids and bases.

    4. Chemical reaction and equation 

This chapter carries 5-7 marks. The important topics are-

  • The definition and the example of different types of reactions.
  • Balancing of chemical equations.

    5. Light

This chapter carries around seven marks in the science exam. It is the most crucial chapter from which you get high marker questions and numerical. The important topics that come under this chapter are- 

  • Mirror formula 
  • Lens formula
  • Refraction 
  • Common laws of refraction
  • Glass slab

   6. Magnetic Effect of electric current 

 This chapter carries around 6 marks in the science exam. The most important topics that you will come across are- 

  • The magnetic fields line around a circular loop and a straight wire, 
  • The fleming’s left and the right-hand rule, 
  • Electric motor and electric dynamo.

   7. Electricity 

This chapter carries seven marks in your exam. The essential topics in this chapter are- Ohm’s law, the combination of resistors, and the heating effects.

These are the vital chapters that need your extra attention. You need to have a deep understanding of these chapters so you can solve questions related to them with ease. Practice enough of the questions and clear your doubts with your teachers. With your hard work, you can ace the subject by scoring high scores in your science exam. 


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