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Class 12 Topper with 99.9% marks decides to become Jain Monk

Newspatrolling: Have you ever heard someone renouncing the world when he is still a teenager? Especially, when he/she has just topped the Class 12 board exams? Probably not, but now it has become a true story. The 17-year old boy is from Gujarat and his name is Varshil Shah. He resides in Ahmedabad. He had scored a massive 99.9% marks in the class 12 state board examinations and he could easily find admission to the best colleges and explore a wide variety of lucrative career opportunities. However, none of it seems to interest Varshil Shah. He has chosen to leave everything behind him and has decided to become a Jain monk.

On being asked what prompted him to become a Jain monk, Varshil Shah said that he was inspired by the words of his guru Kalyan Ratnavijaysuri Maharaj. He said that Kalyan Ratnavijaysuri Maharaj had taken diksha at around the same age as he is now. Varshil Shah discussed various contemporary issues with his guru and came to know about the important of Jainism and how it is relevant in the present day context. These talks inspired Varshil Shah to take the path of an ascetic and dedicate his life in the service of humanity.

Varshil Shah’s uncle said that Varshil will be taking diksha on June 8 to formally become a Jain monk. It may be recalled that diksha is a religious service that marks the introduction of Jain monks. Varshil Shah’s uncle further said that academic achievements are good, but for true peace, one has to renounce the world.

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