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Clenbuterol Cheating Scandals is Breaking all over Athletic Competitions

Clenbuterol is one of the hardcore performance enhancement drugs on the market. Nearly all bodybuilding, athletic competition bans this substance from being used.

The International Olympic Committee officially listed Clenbuterol on their prohibited substance. However, this did not the cyclist Alberto Contador and sprinter Katrin Krabbe, from using it as a performance-enhancing drug. This has even influenced average individuals who are seeking weight loss to try it.

And there is a good reason for all of that, this substance turns the body into a fat burning machine without touching muscle mass. According to many users, these benefits outweigh the risks of this drug.

Medical Journal of Australia published a study, that shows the negative side of Clenbuterol consumption. The study concludes that out of 27 individuals that consumed the substance 9 had a sudden boost in their blood pressure and leading to cardiac problems.

“The mechanism of action of Clenbuterol is similar to Salbutamol, which is relaxing smooth muscles in lungs” said Professor Monica Geiran, head of the School of Medicine at Glen University. Clen was mainly designed to help asthmatic patients, she said.

On the other side, both drugs can impact the heart negatively, Prof Geiran Said, especially with cases that are borne to cardiovascular diseases.

However, most of these solid medical statements from trusted sources don’t really impact Clenbuterol reputation an inch. Once it’s used and the user sees the benefits of more muscle mass and less fat. The substance automatically gets promoted among the community.

For this reason, FDA and some international health organization banned Pharmacies, businesses, and Gyms from buying or selling the substance in stores. And it became even illegal in promoting it.

Still, in countries where it’s still legal, it has been said to stay on the safe dose, which is in between 20-60 micrograms (mcg) a day. And it is highly advised to start at 20mcg and not more than that for the first week.

Clen is a very long half-life compared to other drugs. It can stay in the user’s body for at least 20 hours. Thus, one dosage is always enough for a day.

In 2010, Crazybulk brand has changed the whole steroid industry after introducing powerful legal alternatives to steroids and performance drugs. Many athletes were against this completely. However, a few years later after new case studies published under this brand. Many saw powerful fat burning results.

One of the major benefits behind Crazybulk Clenbuterol is that it can be purchased without any prescription and most of the adverse effects are low to none compared to the previous version of the drug.

In 2018, The name Crazybulk, became highly associated with legal steroids and best alternatives to high-performance drugs. It managed to create a powerful presence in the market of sports nutrition supplements.

Sportsmen were eager to find a drug or a supplement that will help them during their workouts and without the health risks. Their expectations have been fulfilled with the new version of Clenbuterol.

The manufacturers of the new version of Clen did not stop there. They have managed to create new formulas similar toDianabol, Trenorol, Testosterone Booster and Decaduro. And it went viral over 900,000 individuals bought their products.

Crazybulk has not disclosed the exact details in their formula rectification. However, few lab tests from several reputable sources confirm that all the ingredients are organic and highly potent in nature. If each ingredient used solo, it will not bring desirable results. Thus, the combination all in one capsule to provide synergy in action.

After several investigations, we found out that this brand is manufacturing in an FDA accredited facility which gives an indication of the quality of the product.

And lastly, it is easy to consume as no needles or keeping track of exact amounts of dosage to take. As it is advised to consume three pills a day pre-workout or any activity.

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