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CMN Holdings, Inc. Launches the Cannabis Lifestyle Network

LAS VEGAS, NV – 07/26/2017 — CMN Holdings, Inc., owner of The Cannabis Medical Network, a Digital Signage Network airing in cannabis recommending doctors offices, announces the launching of The Cannabis Lifestyle Network to air in cannabis dispensaries.

The CMN Holdings team has been producing programming for veterinary, pediatric and ob/gyn medical waiting rooms since 1987 and now produces both medical and lifestyle video programming for the cannabis industry. Medical segments following their traditional content topics such as pain management, cataracts and migraines are joined by beauty aids and cooking segments using cannabis based products.

Philip M. Cohen, Chairman and CEO of CMN Holdings stated, “CMN and CLN are very attractive additions to any doctor’s office or dispensary because of the zero-cost placement and reputation as a trusted resource for educational and entertaining programming. Second, Place-based media, properly programmed with compelling content, is a proven vehicle known to reduce a patient’s perceived wait time thereby alleviating another problem for dispensaries. By viewing entertaining and educational programming, wait time goes by quickly. Additionally, dispensaries will have the opportunity to digitally display, and change as needed, their menu on site, while product marketers now have a vehicle to advertise their brands.”

CMN will provide the estimated 1,000 (and growing) cannabis-related brands, cannabis-related businesses, and public companies seeking recognition, with their opportunity to advertise directly to the cannabis community at their point of care (doctors) and point of purchase (dispensaries). CMN believes this to be an extremely valuable commodity for cannabis product manufacturers, given their difficulty in influencing their consumers through other, more traditional, advertising methods. The audience for CMN will be found at the offices of doctors who have cannabis-related medical practices and, for CLN, at the dispensaries distributing marijuana and associated products.

CMN programming is formatted as a 60-minute repeating playlist of relevant medical and lifestyle topics with sponsor messages embedded between the informative segments. Each 60-minute program will also have current cannabis news under license from Associated Press that will be inserted as “News of the Day” update 3 to 4 times per hour, along with animated fun facts and trivia quest

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