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Cobalt and Quintype seal partnership to cater to African publishers

Bengaluru and Nairobi –: Africa is a continent with an active media and ever-growing digital adoption. In order to scale up the availability of its cutting-edge platform in the region, Quintype technologies recently announced a partnership with The Cobalt Partners.




The two companies are combining efforts and go-to-market activities to provide publishers in the region with strategic media technology advisory and software solutions.




“The publishing ecosystem is a dynamic industry with an increasing demand for timely, trustworthy journalistic content. For a continent where digital media channels will continue to outstrip traditional formats, in terms of speed and reach, having technology solutions tailor-made for publishing is a game changer. We know that Cobalt’s experience on the continent and Quintype’s investment into future-ready technology solutions, honed by an impressive clientele, are here at the right time.” – Betty Enyonam Kumahor, Managing Partner at Cobalt.




With traditional and new publishers adopting emerging technologies, navigating changing revenue streams and catering to a mobile-first audience, this was an important step for Quintype. By leveraging local partners, Quintype builds upon their deep understanding of the needs and preferences of the market.




“We are very glad to have this partnership with Cobalt. Quintype has always been passionate about working in collaboration with teams that can help us widen our reach, and we are positive that this partnership will benefit both our teams. We look forward to delivering value to more publishers from the region.” said Chirdeep Shetty, CEO, Quintype India Pvt. Ltd.



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