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Comedian Atul Khatri In Conversation With Harshita Dagha On East India Comedy, Bollywood, Online Zoom Gigs And More

Amidst a world slowly spiralling down to chaos and heart-rending numbers and stats, Mumbai based comedian Atul Khatri took to his social media account to begin Only Positive News, where he aspired to share only good news.
He had to extend his learnings as a comedian to be a digital performer, writer, editor – and all this, from home.
His objective to make everyone’s day a little brighter received applause on social media while his crossover work with Rahul Subramanian’s Building Uncles During Lockdown provided much needed relief in these dire times.
Khatri’s timely plunge into video shows turned out to be a rather smart decision, business per se, in these challenging times. “I was one of the very inital comedians to adapt to pandemic and switch to live sessions on Zoom. I got started in April itself. I invested in professional tools – the mic, lighting etc. that would help me perform better in a live video show.” Atul Khatri’s jests on Zoom have echoed not just in India, but also across the globe.
Khatri has come a long way in a short span. “I left being a CEO for 25 years to join comedy,” he reminisced, “Sorabh and I randomly met at a coffee shop when he said he liked my comedy and offered me to be a part of EIC (East India Comedy) and I said “Okay! Let’s do it.”
And it has been an inspiring journey for the artist. He believes that be it Bollywood or Comedy, it’s pure talent that makes it’s way.
He has proved one can make a career change this drastic at the age he is as well, if they have the talent and invest in time and energy.
East India Comedy was just the right platform for him to flex his funny bones. Comedy simply came naturally to him as he comments, “Making people laugh is very natural. I don’t think everyone can do it. It’s only pure talent.”
Talking about getting back on stage, he says
“I do miss the experience of being on the floor and experiencing a live audience. Can’t wait to perform on stage again.”

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