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Coming Soon: Petrol, Diesel at your doorstep

Ever thought about petrol, diesel delivered at your doorstep? Probably not; not even in your dreams. However, home delivery of petroleum products may soon become a reality, as the government is looking to reduce the queue at petrol pumps and encourage digital transactions as well. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas announced today that options are currently being evaluated to home deliver petroleum products such as petrol and diesel. Such a delivery service would be available through advance booking. It will be a boon to people who may be running short of time and would like to avoid the long queues at petrol pumps.

Estimates provided by the government indicate that annual transactions at petrol pumps is around 2,500 crore. The Petroleum ministry has devised a three-pronged strategy that would focus on awareness campaigns, incentivizing customers and installing digital payments systems at fuel stations. Digital transactions have increased from Rs 150 crore per day to Rs 400 crore per day and when the home delivery system is launched, it would further increase digital payments.

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