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Coming Soon – the only members club of its kind in the World!

After much anticipation, Prestige Affinity is at last about to launch, opening its doors to both UK and overseas residents that have a vested interest in everything that is great about the United Kingdom.

The benefits to membership of Prestige Affinity by far exceed anything already available. A typical member can expect to receive combined benefits that exceed 20% return on their membership deposit after the first year, made up of a host of treats – some that money simply cannot buy. A summary of the type of benefits that a member will receive are listed on the website.

Prestige Affinity really is a club for everybody – whether you are a keen saver trying to get together a deposit for a property, a doting grandma, a businessman who wishes he could entertain his clients more effectively or somebody who enjoys sports, the arts or cultural events, then this is the one club you should be joining.

Our unique and tested formulae ensure you get a lot more out than you put in, and without the crippling overheads that the financial institutions have themselves created, we can confidently pass back to our members what is rightfully theirs.

So sign up to join today, knowing that all the time you have ‘proper fun’ courtesy of us, you can quietly relish the fact that your membership deposit is growing at a rate that far exceeds inflation, and can be withdrawn in part or in full after only 3 years.

This really is the most rewarding and unique club in the World!

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