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Common Issues of Drywall Cracks – How to Fix these


Drywall repair is something that is often faced by all homeowners. Drywalls can very easily be cracked or even completely punched through die to the light and thin materials used to make it. Since this is a repair job that homeowners have to get quite often, it is best to find a company that suits your needs perfectly. This is especially useful as you would call them every time, this builds repute with the company and they can later offer you discounts or at the very least they would make sure that you are provided with quality services. So finding the correct drywall repair service is imperative for all homeowners.

What To Look For

Knowing what to look for with drywall repair services is key. A good drywall repair service should offer repairs for either some of or all of the following services.

Cracks In Drywall

The most common form of drywall repair is the repairing of cracks. Cracks can stem from a multitude of different reasons such as door handles swinging into the wall to create cracks and sometimes even accidentally tripping and falling into the wall can create cracks. This is quite a common occurrence in fact.

Drywall Water Damage.

Water leaks can happen because of a number of different reasons such as rats, old pipes or even due to expansion. These water leaks can very easily cause your drywalls to become soft due to the collection of water inside it. A good sign for knowing if your walls have water damage is by smell. The dampness of the walls will create an aroma of wet and rotting wood. If you have this smell in your home them you may be a victim of water damage.

Drywall Mold Removal.

Another problem for drywalls is that if the water damage hasn’t been taken care of soon then overtime the walls can develop mold which is actually very dangerous. Mold removal should be your highest priority if you find any sign of mold in your home. Mold can be harmful to your health because it is a fungus, its smell can be dangerous and should not be inhaled at all. These molds can cause serious damage to your lungs and your respiratory systems over time if the problem isn’t fixed soon.

Tears In Drywall.

Since drywalls are so slim and soft, they can very easily be punctured and ripped. Because of this, tears are definitely going to occur. Tears are a little uncommon as a tear or puncture would still require a considerable amount of force to successfully punch through. The repairs for these tears are quite time consuming because the tear can take up a large part of the drywall. This results in often times an entire panel of drywall being replaced.

What Kind Of Textures Are Available?

This is often asked by people who are getting drywall repairs for the first time. Drywalls don’t have a large variety of options for their textures but two of the most common are Orange peel and knock down textures which are often chosen by homeowners. Orange peel is sprayed on with a machine to provide a light, washable, and very patchable finish that few people really notice on the wall. It’s used to bring down the labor and therefore the price of a perfectly smooth finish which can get quite expensive. It appears similar to the texture of a magnified orange peel once painted.

To dress up ceilings and also provide additional hide, knock down texture is commonly used. It is sprayed on as well, but much thicker, with larger dots. It’s a very cost-effective texture which primarily replaced popcorn texture back in the day. When the spray has tacked a large paddle is used to flatten or knock down the dots which give it its name.

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