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Commuters in China push train coach to free stuck woman

In an act that has restored faith in humanity, dozens of commuters in a subway in China came together to free an elderly woman who was stuck between the train and the platform. The incident occurred at a subway station in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province in China. Reports indicate that the woman had slipped while walking on the platform and her leg had got stuck between the train coach and the platform. The gap was quite narrow and it had become painful for the woman to move her leg.

The commuters at the subway were quick to respond and they came together and pushed the train coach sideways to help release the woman’s leg. The train coach was quite heavy, but due to the joint efforts of several commuters, it must have given way just a bit, something like one-fourth or one-third of an inch, which was enough to release the woman’s leg. Rail staff also joined the commuters to push the train coach sideways. It may be recalled that a similar incident had happened in Australia as well in 2014, wherein a man had gotten trapped between the train and the platform.

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