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Company Profile : COBX


Currently, India stands at a global number 17 in the soon-to-be USD 1.5 bn. eSports industry. Estimated to be about USD 818 mn. in India, the eSports sector is not just nascent, but also vastly unstructured. Bringing order, discipline and promise to the industry, is India’s most promising eSports company, COBX Gaming. Cobx organises and manages the media distribution of multimillion-dollar eSports tournaments, transforming India’s gaming landscape. With the brilliant line-up of players, Cobx is taking assured steps in getting India noticed on the world map of eSports.

Cobx is a part of the Route Mobile group, founded in 2004. Although the gaming division is just under a year old, it has already started getting worldwide attention. Founders Rajdip Gupta and Sandip Gupta saw immense potential in the Indian eSports and gaming industry, pioneering one of the country’s first, most organised companies. With an initial investment of USD 10 mn and an already successful (Defence of the Ancients) DOTA 2 team, Signify, Cobx aims to evolve as the front runner in the Indian eSports Industry. Rajdip’s prior experience of owning 5 cricket clubs, including the National Cricket Club, works closely with CEO Mujahid Rupani to power Cobx with confidence into unchartered, promising territory.

In early 2018, Cobx will host the first-ever Dota Major, with prize money of a whopping USD 1mn. The event, hosted in India, will be an official Dota 2 circuit event where the world’s most competitive teams will vie for the crown. Apart from DOTA 2, Cobx intends to soon add a roster of other eSports teams that will compete globally with the best in the world. Cobx has bet big on the eSports and gaming industry’s impending popularity and is on the cusp of international glory.

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