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Company Profile : RoadCast

Amp up your business efficiency with RoadCast: The key to unlocking new heights

roadcastDo you own an emerging business, and are hassled with the umpteen challenges of coordination that you face every single day to ensure that you do not falter? What if we say, we know of something that will not only ensure basic coordination, but also boost your efficiency! Yes, you read that right! RoadCast is one such company that offers online platforms for your business that can revolutionise your business.

RoadCast took off in 2015 as a SaaS company, focusing on creating virtual links between various people, goods, and services across sectors such as supply chain & logistics, healthcare &pharma, food & grocery, and many others. The platform mainly allows easy and efficient location sharing between individuals, and groups/fleets.

RoadCast offer two main platforms:

  1. Synco – Workforce Management

Know the “Where & when” of your fleet & steer your business towards growth. While you manage tasks efficiently, you & your customers stay informed at every step of the way. The awesome features that help to do more. With the support of realtime tracking, digital order management & auto-optimization, save time & achieve higher efficiency

  1. Bolt – Vehicle Fleet Management

Bolt app lets you immobilize your vehicle by disrupting the fuel supply and ignition, quick as a flash! With a tap of a button, the vehicle ceases. This feature ensures your vehicle is safe from theft. While you sleep in peace at night, Bolt 2.0’s thunder bolt mode makes sure your vehicle’s security is at it’s maximum.

How RoadCast is a good option for personal safety as well

With the increasing number of sexual and robbery crimes in the country,  every individual’s safety is at stake. In such a situation, instead of seeking safer environment from the political parties, one should be cautious to be able to tackle such situations. Roadcast comes in handy for safety purposes as well.

Apart from adding value to businesses, the RoadCast app can also help individuals to ensure the safety of their loved one’s through its location tracking services.  The app will help you be connected to your partner/friend/relative through the software and be notified in case of an emergency situation.

RoadCast offers a helping hand to the Delhi Police

Owing to the versatility and effectiveness of theRoadCast software, Delhi Police has integrated GSP trackers in their patrolling bikes with the help of RaodCast. As per reports by the Delhi Police, the number of vehicle thefts has come down considerably after this added feature.  With this feature, the police department is also working towards utilizing this platform in offering better safety to women and others.

Mentioning about the uniqueness and versatility of the platform, Rahul Mehra (Co-Founder, RoadCast) explains how RoadCast helps companies manage their on-groud sales team, takes care of attendance, fleet management, and a host of other features with their product.

Talking to a leading business daily, Rahul Mehra said “Vehicle theft was a major problem in Delhi in the last decade. A vehicle was stolen every 13 minutes in Delhi and this crime rate increased 44 per cent in 2016 compared to the year before. 

With RoadCast’s help, police and the people can now track such vehicles in real-time, cut-off fuel or ignition remotely, and set a geo-fence. The police control room can define a patrolling area for each vehicle and also get to know if a vehicle is over-speeding.

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