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Complete Men Ethnic Wear Guide

With close to 10 million weddings held annually in India, this industry contributes almost $50 billion annually. Even recent global conditions failed to affect this industry that much. With weddings permitted at limited capacity of late, individuals are gaining the capacity to spend more on curated, small events instead of massive gatherings.

With a sizable population under the age 40, India’s wedding industry is unlikely to slow down its pace in upcoming years as well. And with the rising popularity of theme weddings along with the decreasing destination wedding cost, it will likely change the aspects individuals who are willing to spend the most on while getting married.

  • According to a study conducted in 2019, India’s destination wedding industry is expected to grow at a rate of 25% to 30% every year. 

The wedding industry also powers a number of ancillary sectors, notable of which is the grooming and fashion sector. Indian wedding dresses for men and women attract large investments every year; the bright and colourful attire of the newlyweds (along with the invited) keeps pace with the lavish nature of the ceremony. 

Ethnic and extravagant

Despite the willingness to adopt western cultures and ways of life, ethnic wear still proliferates when it comes to festivals and occasions, like weddings. Moreover, globalisation has brought new trends and fashion choices, cleverly integrating with well-known ethnic attires, giving rise to new colours and designs that compliment perfectly with traditional merriments. 

Careful style choices bring out the most of these wedding attires. Men’s Indian wedding attire has become classy, yet, not gone overboard. And with the option of taking a loan for a wedding, grooms now have the option to choose the dress they want without sacrificing on other expensive factors of the wedding.

However, standing out from the crowd, that too in a wedding, can prove to be a difficult task. With family members and invitees donning their best attires for the event, clever grooms need to know how to shop for their wedding dress properly. 

Take a look –

  • Selecting the colour and fabric – 

The first stop of choosing the appropriate ethnic wear starts with selecting the colour and fabric. While western wear goes well with dark colours, one can experiment with a huge colour palate while selecting ethnic Indian wedding dresses for men. However, one should also select a colour that matches with the occasion, venue, personal taste, and most importantly, the bride’s attire.

Similarly, the fabric also plays a crucial part, as it can make or break the experience of owning and wearing an expensive attire. Silk, jacquard, etc. are perfect for Indian climate, and will be equally comfortable in an open-air setting or an indoor venue. 

One should always consider the location, weather, and other settings while selecting a fabric as well, as he is likely to wear that dress for a long period at a single stretch. 

  • Customising the fitting – 

A comfortable fitting that compliments one’s physique is essential while choosing a mens Indian wedding attire. For this reason, a significant number of individuals prefer to tailor their dresses rather than purchasing online. Tailored dress can also be customised according to one’s preferred choice of fabric and design. 

These pieces are also easier to pair with accessories. Nehru-coats, waistcoats, and similar added pieces can work excellently with traditional ethnic dresses. These can also provide an eye-catching blend of colour, emphasising the look of the overall outfit.

One of the tips to help save money when planning a wedding is to purchase dresses during a sale season. 

  • Select proper footwear – 

The perfect footwear that pairs with ethnic dresses can be tricky to find out. It all depends on what types of clothes are worn for the ceremony; the colour and material should also compliment the outfit in the same way.

Finding the perfect traditional wear can prove to be a challenging task, it can also prove somewhat costly, especially with so many other expenses of wedding. Fortunately, one can always opt for an advance, like a loan against property, to fund the purchase along with other wedding expenses. These are long-term, secured credits that come with zero end use restrictions and affordable interest rates. These are among the essential things you need to know about taking a loan for your wedding. 

With the additional financial boost, one can easily pay for other expenses required for an unbeatable destination wedding as well for destination wedding cost.

There are several financial institutions that offer such credits to eligible applicants. Some even provide pre-approved offers to existing customers, helping reduce the time taken to apply and avail such a credit. You can check your pre-approved offer online by sharing only some essential details.

India boasts a diverse culture, and each sport a colourful and unique way of celebrating. Indian wedding dresses for men vary across the region depending on this very aspect, but following the above-mentioned factors will help shortlist the best suit with ease.

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