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Concerned about financial uncertainty during Covid times?

Here are Five platforms that will help you have a safe investment journey

Times are uncertain, the world outside is changing rapidly. Though we are locked in our own homes, the pandemic is creating havoc over the world economy and the global markets. It is natural to feel anxious as an investor. What should you do? How should you ensure your financial stability? That is the question weighing on everyone’s mind. Wouldn’t it be great to know a solid financial app that can handle routine financial tasks and also help you decide where to invest?

Well, here are Five apps that will help you do so.

  1. Groww: A new age investment platform that has been able to create a user base of 6 million for itself since its launch and maintain an impressive growth trajectory. The platform is famous among millennials. It helps you track your portfolio and invest in all mutual funds across all AMCs in India in one place. The platform also creates personal finance content to help consumers to better understand their finances. To help investors gain insights they also have also established active communities both online and offline where investors can interact and learn from peers. There are many in app resources as well where novice investors can interact with the investor community and learn the nuances of investing via educational content. And Groww has recently announced that it is going to launch stockbroking services as well. It is completely safe to use as they employ bank-grade security features on their app.
  2. Zerodha Coin: An initiative taken by reputed online discount broker Zerodha, Zerodha Coin is a platform for investing in direct mutual funds. It provides facility to buy mutual funds directly from 40+ Asset Management Companies (AMCs). These mutual fund investments can be started, stopped or edited at anytime as per the user’s preference. Some of the key advantages of Zerodha Coin are zero commission and also that it a single platform for all kinds of investments like equity, currency, commodity and mutual funds
  3. .PayTM money: PayTm Money is the stock broking and mutual fund distribution platform of PayTm. The company has partnered with 25 AMCs . Users can start investing in lumpsum or vis SIPs with as less as Rs 100 in some of the schemes. Paytm has also tied up with reputed rating services like MorningStar, CRISIL and Value research to ease investment decision process for the investor.
  4. Kuvera : Kuvera is another zero brokerage , free mutual fund investing platform. Kuvera has a simple yet clean interface through which you can set your financial goals and do your research on funds. Signing up is simple and the KYC is PAN based, so that you are not required to upload any other documents.
  5. myCAMS Mutual Fund App: myCAMS provides a single gateway to invest in many mutual fund schemes. The app is fast, easy to operate and provides you with smarter ways to deal with direct mutual funds. The App comes with many features including Mobile PIN and pattern login. You can view your Mutual Funds portfolio, open new folios, purchase, redeem, switch, set up SIP and more on a single platform. It also has a scheduling option which helps investors to set up future Mutual Fund transaction.

The above apps will allow both new and experienced investors to manage their investments. With a variety of convenient services, these will help investors save money and improve their portfolios. There is no one perfect App that everyone can use. Every Investor has unique needs, so choose an app that will help you best to manage your finances and achieve your investment goals.

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