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Confiscated in love


Sitting beneath a tree, Anamika and Aman are lost in their reveries.

Caressing his hair affectionately, Anamika says, “It is difficult for some stories to be told and even more difficult for some to be heard. Some stories are not meant to be told, some are not meant to be shared. But today, I want to tell you a story. Do you want to hear it?”
“Only, if you are the narrator.” Aman replies, at the drop of a hat, looking into her mesmerising eyes.

Anamika begins to narrate the story with a beautiful smile….

Once upon a time, there was a happy-go-lucky girl who was full of energy, hope and innocence. The girl had lost her father when she was a toddler and to make ends meet, her mother worked as a maid in a huge mansion. Her mother used to narrate her a story every night. Every story had the same ending, where a girl found her prince charming, her true love and they lived happily ever after. As and when she grew up, the only dream she had, in her mind and heart, was to find her true love someday.
One fine day, things changed in her life. When she was just sixteen, her mother fell really ill and got paralysis. In order to take care of her mother, the girl had to quit school to work as a maid in the same mansion where her mother earlier worked. Her life was never the same again. By then, she had given up on her dream to find her true love. Life went on in the same manner until a boy proposed her.
The boy was none other than the son of the owner of the mansion. At first, the girl denied his proposal as she realized that they are not compatible as they belong to different strata of society. However, after continuous persuasion by the boy, she accepted that she loved him too. This was when a new chapter of her life unveiled.
For her, it was like a dream come true. They both spent most of the time together after he came from school. His love re-energised her and she regained her lost smile. She used to cook his favourite dishes and he used to accompany her to buy groceries. He even sometimes helped her in the household chores. Their love was reaching the pinnacle of intimacy.
One fine day, the boy’s parents went out of station for a couple of days. The boy called her over and asked her to spend the night with him. She unhesitatingly agreed as she did not want to leave any chance of being with him. For the very first time, they made love. They spent the entire night lying next to each other, wrapped in the same sheet. She wrapped him in her arms tightly, fearing that if she will lose him forever if she lost her grip.
As the dawn broke and the rays of sunlight fell on her bare body, he complemented her saying that nothing was more beautiful to him than she wearing only the sunlight and his kisses. He conveyed that he wanted to click a picture of her, all naked. At first, she hesitated but after looking into his eyes filled with love and passion, she posed sensually for him. That night was the most beautiful memory she had ever had.

After a few days, the girl received a call from a modelling agency in Mumbai. She could not believe her ears; she felt like the most blessed person on Earth. She realized that she could now provide the best medical care to her mother. She excitedly conveyed the same to her boyfriend who encouraged her to take the job in Mumbai. To make a career as a model, she went to the big city.

“Did she eventually get the job of a model?” Aman asks in anticipation.

“Yes, she did. She got the job of pleasing every man.” Anamika replies and continues with the story.
The girl who was once as innocent as a lamb became an escort now. Though love had given up on her, she never did and her search for true love continued. She pleased every man that came to her and searched for her true lover inside him. Some fell for her and bought her gifts and kept telling her how much she means to them. But this time, she could not take the chance of losing them as she was afraid of losing love. So, she confiscated them.

“Confiscated! How?” Aman eagerly asks Anamika.

“She killed each one of them and took their heart out and kept it with her as the memento of their love. But her quest for finding true love never ended.”

“What! Was she crazy?” He asks irritated.

“No, she wasn’t. She loved each one of them and persisted honesty towards them.” She replies.

“Honesty! How? By killing them!” Aman laughs as he tries to get up.

“Yes, she narrated the whole truth….” Anamika says and bends down.

“….by narrating her own story.” she completes the sentence as she stabs him to death.
Anamika then dig his body to take his heart out. She smiles viciously thinking that once again, she has found her true love and confiscated him forever.

By: Rashi Rastogi


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