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Congress, MPVM allege smartphone scam in Madhya Pradesh

Congress, along with non-political social organization Madhya Pradesh Vichar Manch (MPVM), has alleged another scam in Madhya Pradesh, which they say is the next in line of the earlier Vyapam scam. The Congress and MPVM have alleged that this time the scam relates to the distribution of smartphones to college students. It has been alleged that substandard phones have been provided to college students in the state, which has left the youth in the state feeling deceived. Fingers have also been pointed against the supplier who was chosen for this initiative. It has been alleged that the supplier was incompetent for the job, since the company’s turnover was zero.

Speaking about the alleged scam, MPCC spokesman Ravi Saxena said, “Following Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s announcement to distribute smart phones to college students the scheme has been landed into corruption. The smart phones provided to the students under the scheme by Karvi Data Management Services are not competent enough to run latest apps. By providing such substandard phones the government has on the one hand deceived lakhs of students and on the other hand has done corruption thus once again deceiving the youth of the state.”

The Congress and MPVM have demanded an investigation in the alleged scam and have questioned how a company with zero turnover can be given such a contract.

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