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Convey your love with these smart gifting options for Rakhi 2020

With Rakshbandhan 2020 round the corner, markets are flooded with unique gifting options. However, following the profound impact of COVID-19, markets lack the hustle and bustle this year and concerns around safety discourages us to freely explore the markets which we had been doing since forever. This does not mean that you should settle for a gift that you don’t connect with. Thanks to online shopping and a zillion of options, you can always find a meaningful gift for your loved ones.

Our newly-found heightened sense for safety and security has taken over our lives. The more we spend time at our homes, the more we want to better it or rather make it smart. A smart home provides a great sense of safety and security. Hence, any gadget that enables people to manage their homes ought to bring a great sense of happiness. By selecting a smart home gadget, you will also help your loved ones in their process of making their homes futuristic and secure. Let us look at some of the must-have smart home gadgets that can prove to be a great Raksha Bandhan gift and also fit into your budget.

ZOOOK Eagle Cam 100

ZOOOK Eagle Cam 100 has been designed for powerful in-house monitoring abilities. This smart security camera, recently launched by ZOOOK, is built to provide all-round surveillance with 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt capabilities. It is a full HD 2MP camera sporting SD card storage of 128 GB. The device can be connected with Amazon Alexa, and users can also operate ZOOOK Eagle Cam 100 with voice commands. Leveraging AI capabilities, the camera-equipped to capture and send alert basis motion detection. The Security Alarm feature in the camera works in sync with motion detection, and the loud alarm is blared obstructing unwelcoming activities. The camera can be enabled through Wi-Fi as well as Lan, and various features can be controlled via a smartphone. It comes with cloud storage facility and 4x digital zoom capability to enlarge the images as per requirement and night vision feature to capture video during night time with crystal clarity. Also, the camera is equipped with ultra-compressed recording which allows the users to store ten days backup in only 32 GB micro SD card in advanced mode.

ZOOOK Clicker

A perfect palm-size gadget that turns your home into a smart home instantly. Once installed, Clicker replaces all the infrared-based remote controls for AC, set-top boxes, sound systems and others. ZOOOK Clicker enables you to turn on/off or schedule turn on/off for more than 80,000 devices! It can be installed instantly and effortlessly. Besides, users can mute/unmute, control volume (TV) or speed (AC), set the temperature of AC and manage more functions as per device suitability. For connectivity, the device relies on Wi-Fi as well as a mobile hotspot. The functional (IR) range of the device is 8 meters. Clicker easily connects with smart speakers such as Amazon Echo Dot, Google. Users can also control devices via their smartphones. It is compatible with Android 4.4 and beyond; iOS 8.0 and beyond. Whether you are inside home or on-the-go, users can control devices from anywhere. The device has a compact and robust built with ABS material protection. It weighs 35 grams only.

Air Purifiers by AirOK Technologies

Purifiers make our lives easy by providing us with fresh air. While the market is barraged many options, selecting the best one is truly rewarding. Vistar Comfort air purifiers by IIT-Madras incubated Indian firm AirOk Technologies are easy-to-install and operate. They come with Uni-Touch Interface and has a complete glass finish look. The best part is that AirOk purifiers are backed with EGAPA Comfort filter that is built with special media to absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and many other acidic gases in the air to make the workplace atmosphere clean, healthier and lively. These purifiers demand low maintenance with filter replacement in every 8-12 months depending upon the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration levels. All the variants under Vistar Comfort (450i, 550i, and 650i) sport cloud connectivity, smart switch and Particle Sensor. The variants differ only in the area coverage within which they can provide clean air, and the pricing of each variant is set accordingly. Furthermore, its low-noise generation makes it the ultimate choice to enhance the quality of air indoors all day long.

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