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Coronavirus: Reasons why you must act now

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as regular life took an unprecedented turn, changing social norms also brought down the earning capacities of many. The immense strain on the existing healthcare system has further become evident, with increasing individual financial burdens bringing the need for a dedicated Coronavirus insurance plan to the fore.

While the understanding of what is corona virus is widespread today, its related complications and increasing treatment costs only stress on the need for a suitable insurance cover in place.

Given that the pandemic has largely been brought under control, the myriad restrictions on regular life are slowly being relaxed. Nevertheless, new cases are still reported every day, stressing the need for suitable Coronavirus insurance coverage. Notably, medical expenses incurred for the healthcare of Covid-19 patients comes to a substantially high amount. 

Reasons to act now for Coronavirus prevention and coverage

With suitable Coronavirus insurance plans already introduced to the market, the looming threat of the disease only reinstates their importance. Not to mention, other pressing reasons further indicate why it is time to act now to prevent the disease’s further damage, both physical and financial.

Here are few of those –


  • Increasing caseload in the country


While the overall graph of increasing cases has been brought down successfully, Coronavirus still remains to be a concern across the country, especially for those with limited access to finances.

As the Covid-19 caseload continues to increase, albeit, at a slow rate, the need for individuals to act is more pressing now than ever. Starting off with as little as availing a Coronavirus insurance cover can go a long way in securing one against financial criticality during its treatment.  

  • A high rate of infection

Covid-19 has been one of the most highly contagious diseases in the history of humankind. Needless to say, it makes the likelihood of contracting this disease all the more higher, understating why its time you must act to prevent the disease’s spread. A lack of widespread vaccination is another crucial integration here that one must be mindful of. 

  • Possible complications

Given that the disease’s spread has also brought forth its ability to result in severe co-morbid complications, it becomes all the more essential for individuals to act towards avoiding its spread and availing financial coverage such as a suitable Coronavirus insurance plan to remain financially immune.

  • Treatment inviting high funding needs

Not only that, the fact that treatment for the disease involves high-value financing is another concern that draws one’s attention to the critical need of taking the necessary steps now.

  • Critical coverage benefits of insurance plans

Further, with dedicated insurance plans in place offering high-value financial coverage for several instances, it becomes necessary to keep the funding aspect worry-free. You may thus proceed to avail from the best Coronavirus insurance cover available in the market to receive financial protection at all times.

Further, with the enormous strain exerted on the existing healthcare system, if any of your pre-existing clinical condition aggravates, medical treatment would be hard to come by.

One must thus be sure to keep taking the medications as prescribed by a physician, and reach out to the nearest healthcare centre at the onset of any Covid-19 symptom. Furthermore, specific ailment insurance plans such as a tuberculosis insurance cover will provide reimbursement for diagnosis, medication as well as doctor’s fee.

Safety measures to take

As discussed, suitable coverage benefits under Coronavirus insurance in India have been introduced. However, one cannot ignore the safety measures, which include – 

  • Washing hands frequently with alcohol-based hand rub or soap.
  • In case of symptoms of Covid-19, go into isolation, wear a mask when interacting with others and seek appropriate medical advice. With COVID-19 Insurance cover offered by Bajaj Finserv under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions, you can avail suitable coverage for treatment post-diagnosis.
  • If the Covid-19 symptoms are observed in any member of your household, follow the relevant health authority’s guidance and seek medical advice.

If proper precautionary measures are adhered to with vigilance at all times, the adverse impacts of Coronavirus on health can be mitigated remarkably. Moreover, it becomes all the more prudent to opt for a relevant insurance plan such as an insurance cover for the necessary financial safety required in availing suitable treatment in case of any other common contagion. 


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