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Cost-effective and one-point ecosystem for Banks

Digitalization of the tedious utility bill payment processes have saved a lot of time and energy in the life of busy going modern day professionals. But, as you know, we humans are never satiated. We are always in search for something better. So, that makes us wonder – could there be a process to make bill payments faster, quicker and simpler? Yes, there is, and it comes in the form of BHARAT BILLPAY.

The gap in the market

Today there are hundreds of digital mediums, including banking services, through which you can pay all the utility bills every month. That is fine. But the problem lies in having to toggle from one app to another, or one website to another. There lies the problem. If you are using one website for mobile recharges, you might be using yet another app for electricity bill payments. This creates the ideal environ for getting confused or losing a track of your payments. Won’t a single point ecosystem help you manage the bill payments better? Well, that is what BHARAT BILLPAY is treading to achieve. They are presenting the simplest way of paying all your requisite bills under one umbrella. That helps you keep a track of payments better.

Trusted Services

When it comes to money, everyone wants to be doubly assured. Logically so. But you can use BHARAT BILLPAY without any further doubts in this regard. BHARAT BILLPAY, is a one-stop bill payment ecosystem conceptualized by none other than the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and driven by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Both these names are enough to invoke a sense of trust in you, isn’t it?

Whenever, wherever you need it

The difference between BHARAT BILLPAY and the other websites or apps providing bill payment services is the enormity of the scope. BHARAT BILLPAY is available across various banking and non-banking channels today. Some such channels where BHARAT BILLPAY has been incorporated include:

  • Internet Banking
  • Bill Payment Websites
  • Mobile apps for Bill Payment
  • Banking apps
  • Bank Branches
  • Bill Payment Agents

All the bases are covered! Do you agree that BHARAT BILLPAY is made for anytime and anywhere usage to pay your bills?


It is simple to incorporate this services into your bill payment procedure. Here it goes:

  • Choose BHARAT BILLPAY with banking or non-banking bill payment channels.
  • Click on BHARAT BILLPAY in the Bill Payment Option.
  • Select the Biller.
  • Enter your bill payment details.
  • Verify the details and proceed to Pay.
  • Once the payment is done you will get an instant BHARAT BILLPAY payment success receipt.

The best part about BHARAT BILLPAY is that you do not have to surf any website or download a separate app (for they have kept no such provision). This option is available at the app or website of any banking or non-banking channel. And we kept the best for the last, all these services come at no extra costs. There are no transaction charges deducted while paying for a bill using, BHARAT BILLPAY, using your bank’s website or app.

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