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Cost-Effective and Time Saving Curtain Cleaning

If you are not taking good care of the curtains in your home, they need replacement, which is an expensive option. Look for curtain steam cleaning services to improve the look of your curtains. Curtain Cleaning Melbourne professionally handles delicate curtains as well. We are going to discuss a cost-effective and time-saving process for curtain cleaning. 

Analyze the condition of your curtains 

If you are hiring curtain cleaners, they will start by analyzing the condition of your curtains. When you are checking the curtains’ conditions, do read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash these curtains. If there are any signs of the sun rotting on the curtains, don’t wash them because you may end up tearing the curtains. Sometimes your curtains are not in a condition to be watched; therefore, you should replace them. 

You can use your washing machine

If your curtains are lightweight, you can clean them easily in the washing machine. However, as mentioned above, you should read the instructions given to the manufacturer before cleaning them if the curtains need special attention to give them or you may ruin your curtains. Sometimes curtain steam cleaning is the only solution for cleaning the curtains. If the curtains are made using cotton, which is delicate, it may shrink when washed using warm water. However, you can use slow spin to wash these curtains. You can use normal detergents as well for cleaning the curtains. However, if you are worried about the curtains’ shrinking, you can clean them with your hands. 

Hand washing curtains 

It may be termed time taking, but sometimes your curtains need hand cleaning. Washing curtains with the hands are free from all types of risks. Make sure that you give the due time to cleaning curtains and rub the stains with your hands.

Heavy curtains 

As mentioned above, heavy curtains should not be cleaned using washing machines, and these curtains often retain water, which could cause damage to the washing machine as well. You should prefer to use a bathtub to clean these curtains. There are different types of fabric softeners in the market; you can use them to soften the curtains and then clean them and remove all the smells from it. 

Cleaning curtains rods and rings

The best way to clean the curtains is by using vinegar solutions. Especially the rusty rings of the curtains are easy to clean with these vinegar solutions. You can also use soaps for cleaning the rods so that curtains run smoothly on these rods again. 

Steam cleaning for curtains 

Curtain steam cleaning is the best way to clean the curtains. However, you cannot clean curtains with steam at home; you need the service of the professional companies for steam cleaning. You should look for the companies which are using upholstery attachment as well for cleaning the curtains. These services would start from the top of the curtains and slowly come downwards. Make sure that you are reading the guidelines given by the manufacturer when reading the curtains. When you are using steam for the curtains, these professional companies use apron and gloves. 

Drying curtains 

Ensure that you are not drying the curtains in the dryer; the motion of the drying machines can create stubborn stains that are difficult to remove. You can hand the curtains out in the open if you live in the breezy areas; however, you should avoid drying the curtains from the sunlight. 

If you want to keep your curtains free from smells, keep the doors of the kitchen closed; similarly, you should not smoke indoors. You should also vacuum the curtains after 3 to 4 days, or you can use different types of brush attachments for cleaning the curtains. This would help in getting rid of the dust and dirt from the curtains. If you are taking these steps, it will ensure that the redundant stains are removed from the curtains. If the curtains are becoming smelly, you should hang them outside for 2 to 3 hours to improve their condition. 

Curtains play an important role in the decoration of your home, if you are focused on the interior decoration, get help from the cleaners.


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