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Costus Pictus Plant: A boon to people suffering from diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes mellitius is a metabolic disorder in the body in which insulin hormone production is less or sometimes body cells doesn’t respond properly to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that takes glucose from the blood and takes it to other organs of the body. If insulin production is inadequate, the body will be filled with sugar that’s why diabetes is also called blood sugar disease.

Effects of diabetes: More sugar in the body inhibits the metabolism of whole body and affects

Eyes, Kidney, liver, heart, joints, brain. That’s why sometimes we often listen the case of death of diabetic patient because of heart or brain stroke.

All over world, 422 million people are suffering from diabetes. According to WHO, near about 2.2 million people die because of this metabolic disorder.

Symptoms: More thrust, more hunger, weight loss or gain, blurred vision, joints pain, frequent urination and many more.

There are basically two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. 10% people are suffering from Type 1 whereas 90% people are having Type 2 Diabetes in which insulin production is inadequate and sometimes body cells doesn’t respond well to insulin.

People prefer allopathic treatment to cure it, but they become dependent on these drugs that affect them in long terms. Alternative therapies are better options to cure this metabolic disorder. Lets have a look on a herbal treatment in this article….

On the foothills of Kodiakanal, TamilNadu, there is a farm that holds the secret to cure Diabetes Type 2 ailment in the most wondrous and natural method.

Tired of taking allopathic medicines for so long with heavy side effects motivates patients to seek for natural herbal methods.

How this plant works:

Costus Pictus Plant has the corosolic acid in the leaves that re-activate the beta cells present in the pancreas


It cures the Diabetes Type 2 naturally.

It helps the body to manufacture it’s own insulin.


Take two leaves daily, preferably morning and evening.

How many days:

45 days

Plants needed:10 plants for a patient.

How to grow? How to use?

After delivery from there farm to your home, grow these plants in the shade, water them daily and use only organic manure. Then, you can pluck the leaf, wash it & eat it directly.

Note:Always consult a doctor before using it. Some patients may get reaction that’s why its always wise to ask to the doctor. After taking this plant, keep an eye on your sugar level by regular checkups under medical supervision.

How to get the plant:

Customers can get the plant by courier from farm, directly. Delivery duration of the plant takes from 1 to 7 days.

Contact information to place order:

Gour Agro Farms

Rock Garden

Kodiakanal Ghat Road

Amsapuram Village

Theni district

Tamil Nadu

Mobile number:9881976661

Mail I’

Till now, many patients have cured from this diseases without any side-effect and leading a happy life. If you too suffering from diabetes, then it could be panacea for you..

By: Archana Raulo

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