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Countdown has begun for war between India and China, says Chinese media

The possibility of a war between India and China is growing with every passing day, a leading Chinese newspaper has said in an article. The editorial published in China Daily says that the countdown to a war between India and China has already begun. The article is a scathing attack on India’s perspective to the entire issue and its heading itself explains a lot. The heading reads “New Delhi should come to its senses while it has time”. The article says that China has been consistently warning India to move back, but India has remained adamant to such demands.

“Beijing has time and again sent the message that to avoid conflict all India needs to do is withdraw all its troops from an area that based on historical treaties, historically expressed agreements and long-exercised control both have long agreed is Chinese territory,” the article reads. The article says that India should not confuse the restraint shown by People’s Liberation Army (PLA) as its weakness. It said that there’s a limit to every restraint and the PLA may soon exhaust its restraint limit in the Doklam border standoff.

This article is part of a series of attacks by Chinese media to intimidate India. Responding to the threat of war, Defense Minister Arun Jaitley said that Indian armed forces are fully capable to respond to any type of threat.

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