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COVID 19 Call Center set up by Bihar Foundation in collaboration with NirogStreet

Call 9020774400 for COVID 19 Queries

Patna, 10.09.2020: As the state is plagued by CoronaVirus, Bihar Foundation (a Bihar Government initiative) has set up a COVID 19 Call Center in collaboration with NirogStreet (leading Ayurveda healthcare organisation) to assist people of Bihar. People of Bihar can call at 9020774400 for queries related to COVID 19 answered by a team of doctors. This call center will also provide information and guidelines issued by the Health Department, Bihar related to COVID 19. It will also assist in medical consultation related to COVID 19. Moreover, one can also get Oxygen cylinders by calling this number, which will be made available through a network of volunteers working for Bihar Foundation. 

Bihar Foundation at present has a total strength of 267 oxygen cylinders to help support COVID 19 patients. Out of these a total of 63 oxygen cylinders are currently being engaged by a team of 16 volunteers working in 15 districts of Bihar. They are planning to set up an Oxygen bank of 1000 cylinders with a network of at least one volunteer in each district of Bihar.

Speaking about the initiative Mr. Ram N Kumar, Founder, NirogStreet said, “To strengthen the fight against COVID 19 in the country all possible efforts need to be done. People are still finding it difficult to access authentic medical guidance and assistance in time of need. This Call Center has been set up in order to provide more assistance to the people of Bihar. It will ensure that right medical consultation is provided on COVID 19 queries and will also assist in providing Oxygen cylinders for patients in need.  While work is being done towards treatment of the disease, it is important for people to take care of their immunity through proper diet and Ayurvedic remedies. In the hope to overcome this crisis we are putting in all efforts to fight with this pandemic on all fronts.”      

It is worth mentioning that this call center is being set up as a part of their present mission of providing COVID 19 relief support to the financially weaker sections of people in Bihar. This is done purely with the active support of volunteers working throughout the state. Only the resources gathered from reputed organization and donation pooled from individuals and/or institutions are engaged for this relief programme. Their areas of work include:

      • Diffusion of information on prevention, detection, general guidelines issued by the Health department with the help of Social Media and promotional creatives/videos 
      • Tele medicine facility with the support of doctors volunteering for this service. 
      • Distribution of oxygen cylinders to needy patients with the aid of a network of volunteers.
      • Raise funds/drugs/equipment 

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