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Cow slaughter related violence more during UPA government, says Amit Shah

As cow slaughter related violent incidents are increasingly being highlighted by the media, BJP chief Amit Shah said that there were more such cases during the earlier UPA government. Shah said that the rising incidents of violence related to beef eating and cow slaughter were very serious, but such cases were more during UPA rule than they are now. Shah also dismissed allegations that there was a sense of fear among the general public about being punished for eating beef and cow slaughter. Shah said that he does not want to defend such cases that are happening now, but he would also like to inform that such cases were more in 2011, 2012 and 2013. This was the time when the UPA was in power at the center.

Shah challenged anyone who accused the government by saying that arrests have been made in each such case, which proves that the government is not sheltering people who take law in their own hands.  “Do you know of any such incident where arrests have not been made? I do not have any answer to apprehensions. There is no apprehension anywhere in the country,” Shah said.

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