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Cowboy Adventure – A Game to steal your Facebook Cr

Are you the person who is an avid gamer on your smartphone and tablets?  If yes, then you surely need to read this. Even if you don’t, you still need to know this.

According to a new research, Cowboy Adventure (Version 1.3) and Jump Chess game (Version 1.1) for Android users, which has been developed by Tinker Studio, have stolen Facebook login credentials of more than a million users.  However, at the time of writing, Cowboy Adventure and Jump Chess game were removed from Google’s official store Google Play.  


How does Cowboy Adventure steal Facebook credentials?

When the game is installed it asks users to enter Facebook login username and password in a fake Facebook login screen. As soon as the victim enters his/ her credentials, the data is then transferred to the servers belonging to the developers of this app.

If you have already downloaded the above mentioned malicious games we request you to change your Facebook password immediately

Tips from eScan to safeguard yourself from Malware on Google Play: 

  • Use a trustworthy antivirus on your Android phone and update it frequently.
  • Always download apps from their official website or Google Play Store instead of unknown sources because many apps-stores are still offering the game.
  • Download applications of a reliable app-developer. In addition to it, check the user ratings and reviews of the app.
  • Enable two-factor authenticator in services such as Facebook, E-mail etc.

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