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CREAA adapts itself to new challenges

  • To rework strategy which builds credibility.
  • To empower members by education and training.
  • To be more user and public friendly
  • To go in for co-branding with Nar India

Chennai, 5th April 2015: The real estate brokerage business in one of the largest service sector businesses in the world and the consumer is at the centre of the activity.  Providing quality and credible service is the hallmark of the profession. With the real estate industry growing manifold and the influx of global MNCs and huge IT companies demanding more space together with all other amenities, the role of the agent or broker has undergone a sea change. CREAA Chennai which completes 16 years of splendid service to the public has also metamorphosed and is ready to serve the customer better and efficiently.

 Addressing the media, Mr. Rajesh Dave, President, CREAA Chennai said that the organization has evolved over a period of time, keeping in mind that the customer is king. The new demands have stemmed from the experience of service-quality which these global companies have received overseas. Similarly, the local population has also progressed and look for quality, transparency and above all security in dealing with our members. This factor has played a significant role in our way forward and today we have reached a stage where NAR India has come forward to willingly partner with us on various fronts that impact the common man.

 To up the professional service, CREAA Chennai is launching a new and revamped website which is easy to access and stores relevant and credible information.  We are also changing our logo and co-branding with the parent body NAR India which will signal that our members are capable of delivering to the expectations of the public. A new and updated directory of members will also be released today.

 MR. H.L. Bagra, President, NAR India who has specially come down for this event said each state has some problems which are different, but most of them are identical in that deal with the human fabric. It is here that NAR India tries to help its member associations like CREAA Chennai to impart the skill sets which are highly required in today’s demanding and sensitive business environment.

The mission of NAR-INDIA is to promote and develop the highest level of professional conduct in all its connotations within real estate brokerages and amongst brokers. NAR-INDIA has adopted a Code of Ethics, conducts market research and lobbies the government on Federal and State level. Among NAR-INDIA’s top priorities are education and training, and a strong sense of camaraderie and belonging within its membership through classes, especially designation courses such as CRS, CIPS, ABR, and conferences where the membership can not only interact with fellow realtors from around the country, but also practitioners from around the world.

 Ethical business practices and customer service are the building blocks on which NAR-INDIA stands. Raising the standards of real estate practice to global levels of excellence continues to be our endeavour.  NAR-INDIA has grown substantially over the last five years.  Today, spread across 25 member associations in India with an overall reach of over 17,000 brokers, NAR-INDIA is firmly set on its path as the voice of realtors in India.

 NAR-INDIA Technology team has developed  NAR-INDIA APP. Today members can have information about their clients, properties and other members on their fingertips.

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