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Creative Business Labs makes a strategic choice for the Thinkwise Low-Code Platform

Creative Business Labs is expanding its partner network with Low-code software vendor Thinkwise The strategic partnership with Thinkwise is a foundational building block to CBL’s offering for modern application development and Legacy Application Modernization. The Thinkwise low-code platform enables at least ten times faster development cycles and an unrivaled approach toward extending the productive life of core systems while achieving the highest levels of capabilities and user experiences.


Paritosh Pareek, CBL’s CEO emphasised this significant milestone.

“Our partnership with Thinkwise is an essential milestone achievement and enables CBL to deliver greater value to existing and future clients and considerably expand our global customer base. The complexity of legacy systems and shortage of legacy skills requires a more sophisticated approach to preserving these core business systems through modernization. We are thrilled to partner with such an industry leader like Thinkwise!”.


Rogier van Konijnenburg, Senior Partner Manager at Thinkwise: “With a team of skilled professionals and its international operations CBL is of great value to Thinkwise. CBL’s proven track record in delivering innovative software solutions for midmarket and enterprise organizations is very promising. I look forward to a successful partnership!”.



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