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Credit card data being sold for just $10 on the dark web

Newspatrolling: Your credit card data may have a limit running into lakhs, but if its ever compromised, cyber thieves could sell your credit card data for as little as $10 or just around Rs 650. And it’s not a forecast; rather, this is already happening. In the most recent case, hackers stole credit card data from servers of Equifax and are selling the information on the dark web for just around $ 10 to $ 20. It may be recalled that the dark web is an anonymous collection of forums, sites, and chat rooms where all types of illegal stuff happens. Anyone can purchase these credit card data and use it to make illegal purchases or withdraw cash. The data of credit cards sold is verified, which implies that the credit cards are still active and have not been deactivated.

The most wanted credit card on the dark web is the business cards since there is no limit on spending on these cards. The dark web is also notorious for selling complete identities of people and here also the price is as little as $10. These personal identification dossiers contain a wide variety of information such as financial biographical and geographical information. These can be used by fraudsters to carry out impersonation-based fraud. In effect, you can never be too sure about the security of your credit card and personal information. And when such information is directly being stolen from highly-secure servers, there only so much you can do to protect your credit card details and your personal information.

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