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Creditseva- the company that is making its mark in FinTech

Modernizing the methods of credit management, Creditseva established themselves back in 2014, and have taken the market by storm since. Founded by Satya Vishnubhotia and Kalyan Varma along with Dipanjan Bandyop adhyay they began in a corporate office in Hyderabad, and now stand recognised across the nation. With an international presence in Singapore, Creditseva lives up to their name, simplifying credit management to the t.

Bringing together technology and financial services, Creditseva is a mesmerising mix of adaptability and experience. They bring to you financial services, keeping your credit health in check while giving you a full report and detailed analysis of the same. Their unparalleled services create a platform that is easily accessible, understandable and immensely user-friendly.

By deciphering and analysing your credit profile individuals gauge their ability and credibility to take loans, close them, improve their credit rating and overall be in a financially stable and secure environment that nurtures a secure financial milieu.

Creditseva is technologically advanced, using a combination of LAMP stack and MEAN stack coders, which is brilliant in its efficiency while being simplistic for everyday use by laymen. The core values and integrity of the company have deemed their worth over time, successfully marking their territory within the domains of the progressive FinTech services.

Backed by numerous strategic credit investors including Citi Bank, HSBC and PayPal, Creditseva has built an empire from their initial seed funding from Pix Vine Capital and Infocomm Investments since 2016. Making its mark in the FinTech industry, they are certainly a definitive change bringing financial and credit management to your fingertips. To add to their list of services, they regularly update their blog, overviewing informative information to help educate the masses from the easiest platform ever- digital media, making life a touch simpler in every way possible!



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