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” Current State of Indian IT industry and its way forward”

The Indian IT industry recently is experiencing the heat of layoff and global impact on its operations. I would like to put forth my view on certain areas that I believe have led us on this point in time phase of the IT industry. The IT industry led to blossom in India in roughly around 1990’s .From the beginning we focused on IT enabled Services as our major offering. We felt immense pride in serving the Greats of Wall street and the giants of Silicon Valley in terms of supporting IT operations. Service, Support and Maintenance were the buzzwords that we majorly focused in terms of offerings to the foreign customers. The Reason being obvious whatever Revenue we got multiplied by $x(Whatever the $ rate would be).But in the process of increasing the bottom line and fulfilling the targets we somewhere forget the fact that the IT Service is not a long sustaining business and would face roadblocks somewhere in the future. Today be it automation or Legal issues or some other external factors, the Modus operandi for IT industry is being challenged day in and out.

Capegemini , Wipro among many other giants are laying off employees in name of low performance or some other KPI factor. In my opinion this is the time of introspection, it is still not late, we need to focus on Innovation as a key driver to be back on the International arena. We must ask ourselves, why companies like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Accenture, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and many big IT giants aren’t from India? Not because they had more skills than us. Neither had they more knowledge than us. If we closely observe the DNA’s of above listed companies there is one common underlying factor and that is the desire for something new and innovative IT offering. When we were focusing on maintaining their Servers, they were busy in creating them. The Indian IT Companies need to tap on this segment now. A substantial amount of our workforce is in IT and IT enabled services. The major portion of work is spent on mostly solving the same user tickets on a daily basis. The challenge is to drive the culture of Innovation within and among the organisation. But once achieved this can do wonders. Automation is nothing but innovation redefined. We need to have a focus shift from providing IT Service to providing IT products just like the biggies of the Silicon Valley do. This is the time for us to be truly digital and really prove to the world. Yes We Can Make in India!! 


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