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Customized for Your Personality: FourCustom Made Bedsfor Millennial Movers

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Nothing beats the satisfaction of having your own custom made beds. And millennials are realizing this fact, as they start purchasing homes of their own. To them, owning a custom made bed is a grand achievement; a culmination of years spent in princess and bunk beds during their formative years. And now that they’re ready to purchase their own sleeping haven, they begin associating their personality with it.

Are you also ready to make a splurge for a bed, and wondering what type fits you? Well, look no further. We’ve gathered all the popular styles of beds from Southern California to help you make your pick. If you’re serious about the type of bed you want, read on:

  • For the Corporate Achiever: Portofino Bed
    After a day of calling the shots at the bank, feel free to kick back in the Portofino Bed. This is a great example of modern chic: it lays low to the ground, and has hues of gray that emphasize its minimalist nature. With a comfy headboard and no-frills pillows, it’s like laying down in your own executive suite. You will surely be refreshed and rejuvenated in the middle of hectic days at work. The Portofino comes in Queen, California King, and Standard King sizes.
  • For the Bohemian Soul: Alison Bed
    Are you an avid backpacker, or a crafty artist? This bed might be the perfect fit. The Alison Bed evokes simplicity in its structure, but still with a dash of class. Coming in a platform appearance, with fully upholstered head board and chrome steel legs, it’s one of the more interesting custom made beds in Los Angeles. The Alison Bed is available in multiple fabrics, and also comes in Queen, California King and Standard King f.
  • For the Stylish Bachelor/Bachelorette: Jeremy Bed
    If you love the single life and maintain a work hard/party hard lifestyle, the Jeremy Bed might just be your thing. A low lying platform, the Jeremy is accentuated by a thick wooden frame. It also has side table, where you can sip on a martini or margarita to unwind. Finally, the oxidized graycolor is the epitome of modernity, befitting the fun-loving millennial. The Jeremy Bed comes in in Queen and Standard King sizes.
  • For the Spiritual Soul: Azara Platform Bed
    Are you a devout yogini, or love to visit the ashram for serious meditation? The Azara Platform Bed, with its Oriental –inspired design, will have you reaching nirvana in no time. This one of a kind design, which is crafter in 100% solid Mosobamboo, has a simple, sleek design that makes you one with nature. Adding to its appeal is the frames variation in grain and color, reminding you of a Zen garden where you can find inner peace. The Azara Platform Bed is available in Queen, King, and California King options.

Make Your Bed and Lie In It

Millennials are changing the world, and seeing their individuality extending to their beds. You too, may find the bed that fits your lifestyle. Time to make a statement! Head on over to your favorite store offeringmodern bedroom furniture in Los Angeles, and get that bed now!

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