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Cyient Reinforces Its Commitment to Innovation with CyientifIQ

  • Launches innovation platformCyientifIQwith focus on jointly developing future-ready IP-driven solutions between the company’s innovation evangelists and its collaborative ecosystem


Hyderabad, India, June 23, 2021: To create disruptive value for enterprises, Cyient, a global engineering and digital technology solutions company, launched CyientifIQ, its future-ready innovation platform to identify, build, and deploy IP-driven solutions, products, and platforms.

Commenting on the launch of CyientifIQ, Krishna Bodanapu, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Cyient, said, “At Cyient, we believe that creating meaningful value in business requires continuous innovation. Today, we’re doubling down on our 30+ years of experience in delivering on innovative projects. Through CyientifIQ, we’re investing in creating technology-led solutions that deliver sustainable market advantage to our customers. Our platform will simultaneously provide passionate engineers and innovators the opportunity to push the boundaries of conventional thinking and work on game-changing ideas that define the future.”

In the last few years, Cyient has co-innovated with its customers and delivered impactful outcomes and experiences by developing products, co-patenting ideas, and creating multiple IPs. According to Cyient, the key to creating meaningful value out of innovation is to build solutions in an ecosystem mode, wherein the company’s innovation evangelists tightly collaborate with a network of strategic and niche partners, startups and incubation centers, and R&D teams at renowned academic institutions.


Akshat Vaid, Vice President, Everest Group, notes, “Consistency and agility in innovation have always been top priorities for engineering organizations. The onset of digital engineering has amplified the need and has also introduced complexities around prioritizing use-cases, defining technology roadmaps, adapting to new business models, and managing compliance and security. Amidst this, enterprises are turning to their outsourcing ‘partners’ for strategic leverage. Service providers are effectively assuming a greater role in the enterprise innovation agenda by offering a combination of digital skills, domain and use-case know-how, and frameworks/IP, along with the ability to orchestrate an ecosystem of partners, which not only helps accelerate time-to-market but also time-to-value.”

The CyientifIQ program is Cyient’s strategic way forward to rise in the innovation quotient index and attract top talent from across technologies and domains

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