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Daren Zenner, Former Boxing Champion, Offering a Game Changer for Social Media Advertising

LOS ANGELES, CA – 08/10/2017 — Former boxing champion, Daren Zenner, is stepping out of the ring and into the world of social media management with his company dtzMedia. While some of Daren’s toughest battles have been in the ring; he also understands the difficult challenge faced by business owners as they navigate the world of social media. Some business owners don’t have the time or expertise to use their social media accounts to their full potential. That’s where Daren Zenner steps in.

Daren takes the stress of social media management out of the hands of busy business owners and takes their accounts to the next level. He offers a 24 hour game changer that helps businesses reach the first page of Google, dominate Google’s coveted 3-pack (breaking into Google’s coveted “3 pack” could potentially double local businesses bottom-line), and secure 10,000 top Twitter followers. Best of all, when you trust dtzMedia with your social media accounts, you can count on reaching your local target market every hour, every day. And, Daren knows his services will be beneficial so he doesn’t lock in customers with long-term contracts. dtzMedia customers choose to use their services month after month because they want to – not because they signed an unfair, long-term agreement.

Doing business in our modern, connected world means that businesses have to engage with their customers online at all hours of the day. dtzMedia knows that many business owners have to focus on the operation of their business and can’t find the extra time to give their social media accounts the attention they require to be successful. Daren Zenner steps in and grows social media accounts for hardworking businesses owners so they can focus on what they do best: making their customers happy and providing top notch service. You don’t have to venture into the online world alone – contact dtzMedia to help create a powerful online presence that will help grow your business starting in just 24 hours.

Daren Zenner specializes in helping Lawyers build a huge client list overnight, not missing late night emergency calls from local families facing an emergency after hours.

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