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Darjeeling crisis deepens, as more voices demand Gorkhaland

The demand for Gorkhaland has gotten louder with several other political parties attending an all-party meeting called by Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) leaders. The all-party meeting organized today was attended by 5 political parties and one apolitical organization. The participants included GJM, Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF), Gorkhaland Rajya Nirman Morcha, Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (apolitical), Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists and BJP. Even the parties that did not attend, such as All India Gorkha League (AIGL) and Jan Andolan Party (JAP) have pledged their support to the cause of a separate state Gorkhaland.

At the meeting, the resolution for Gorkhaland was signed by the political parties. Suman Sharma, assistant secretary of the BJP Hill district committee, was among those who signed the resolution supporting the demand for Gorkhaland. The all-party meeting and its support for Gorkhaland is being seen as a setback for Mamta Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress (TMC). It may be recalled that Mamta Banerjee had earlier said that she would never let the division of the state. However, with more parties coming out in support of Gorkhaland, it may pose a challenge to Mamta Banerjee to keep things under control in the state.

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